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AEFE, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of UNESCO

Tesla Memory Project had participated at this year’s edition of the Asia-Europe Forum on Education (AEFE), dedicated to an important historical landmark:

the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of UNESCO.

The Third Edition of the AEFE was the first one to be hosted on European soil, namely in Bucharest, Romania from October 7-11, 2015.

The main pillar for discussion regards current challenges to education. AEFE UNESCO 2015 was dedicated entirely to the themes regarding Sustainable Development in Education.

Europe Asia Edu Forum

The forum was organized in a manner which promotes a high level of interaction among the participants. In addition to the official forum related activities, the participants went on several tours, a field trip, visits to relevant institutions and attend several official ceremonies.

The activities were scheduled to be as educational and as dynamic as possible, in order to encourage the participants to share ideas, experiences and good practices regarding current educational methods. Participants were encouraged to present a paper during the forum meetings in order to fuel a relevant debate regarding the forum’s theme on sustainable development in education.

Europe Asia Education Forum

It is paramount that relevant personalities who are active in the educational field come together and discuss from a global perspective the contemporary dilemmas regarding educational ethics. Constant, well-organized and efficacious dialogue is the only solution to the obstacles in education determined by issues such as economic globalization, computerization and ever-increasing cultural diversity. The Asia-Europe Forum on Education was established in 2013 as an international gathering where such problems are specifically targeted.

The first edition of the forum was hosted by the Huijia School in Beijing, China in 2013. The forum was a success, bringing together a vast number of participants. The first edition was themed Ethics Education and was centered on professors’ responsibility, efficient approaches and effects. The forum launched the Passport for Global Ethics, a ground breaking document aimed at promoting ethical education on a global scale.

The second edition of the forum, themed The Multicultural Challenge, was hosted by the Jilin HuaQiao Foreign Languages University in China. The participants discussed the importance of promoting multicultural education and concrete ways of improving international communication regarding educational issues.

Main Organizers and Partners:

Ministry of Education and Scientific Research

Romanian National Commission for UNESCO

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Romania

Romanian Government Interethnic Relations Department

Alumnus Club for UNESCO

University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine

Chinese National Commission for UNESCO

World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations

European Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations

Asia-Pacific Federations of UNESCO Clubs and Associations

Romanian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations

Chinese National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations

International Bureau of Education

Chinese Association of Non-Governmental Education

Foundation for Education Development

Cultural Center of Bucharest Municipality  …

TESLA MUSIC by Branco Stoysin

Branco Stoysin, London-based guitarist, composer and tutor, had created the music dedicated to Nikola Tesla and marking  70th anniversary since passing of Tesla:



Click here to see the biography of Branco Stoysin


Artist have released two albums of music dedicated to Tesla, the debut, Something between the Sea and The Sky, the 4th album Lily of the Valley  (the same title music book carry text on Tesla), and the latest album ALONE with a special composition for Tesla, and the new music book of the music from ALONE album, with Tesla’s picture on the cover will be published next year to mark 160 years since Tesla’s birth.