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Tesla for kids

Tesla for Kids activities are a wonderful way to show kids that learning the history of science and strategy can be fun. These activities include video projections, interactive lectures and art workshops  that are both interesting and educational. On November 28th 2014, Mirjana Prljevic (Teslianum president) and Aleksandar Protic (Tesla Memory Project Director), after a movie on Nikola Tesla, talked about the legacy of Nikola Tesla, and strategy in the elementary school Prince Stefan Lazarevic in Belgrade. Afterwards, pupils had participated to an art workshop, conserving memory on this project, and creating Tesla art. Many thanks to the educator Jasmina Bajcetic and the school principal Zorica Zdravkovic Jovanovic for making this project possible.


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The Inventor at the International Book Fair presented by Aleksandar Protic

No 1 bestselling nonfiction graphic novel was  presented twice at the International Book Fair in Belgrade, on Monday 27 and Thursday 30 October 2014 at the Embassy of India book stand, as the part of the campaign “Incredible India”.  A nonfiction graphic novel about Nikola Tesla is the work of an award-winning engineer, tech entrepreneur, music producer and author Rave Mehta. Created in 2013 to educate the public in a completely modern way, « The inventor » promotes the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla.

The novel was featured on the front page of Apple Ibooks next to « Superman », « Star Wars » and « Watchmen », 3 of the biggest fiction properties in the world. MTV has made a remarkable campaign of this novel, still ongoing thanks to Rave and Radha Mehta and their music band « Renaiszance ». To illustrate this extraordinary work to the general public in Serbia, Embassy of India in Belgrade had organized the promotion of novel on  its stand in Hall 2A. Aleksandar Protic, Tesla Memory Project Director , well known for his lectures about Tesla at Oxford, Cambridge, the Sorbonne, UNESCO, The Council of Europe, the Indian Summit for sustainable leadership etc, will present the novel highlighting the importance of Tesla’s scientific legacy.

Protic was invited by Her Excellency, Ms Narinder Chauhan, the Ambassador of India in Belgrade, who opened both book presentations.

Ambassador of India HE Narinder Chauhan with Aleksandar Protic

Source : The House of the good news portal, by Jovan Markov (Center for the Promotion of Science)

More information on the website of the Indian Embassy.