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Tesla birthday forum in Serbia

Tesla Global Forum

Tesla Forum 2014 will take place at Fruska Gora, NORCEV, Serbia from July 10th to July 14th 2014 and will  consist of :

SCIENTIFIC FORUM (with eminent experts in energy, communication, medicine, and electrical engineering).

CULTURAL FORUM (exhibitions dedicated to Tesla).

MUSIC FORUM (traditional, rock, pop and jazz music dedicated to  Tesla).

FILM FORUM (movies dedicated to Tesla).

ALUMNI FORUM (Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Sorbonne Alumni, Northwestern University, Organization of Serbian Students Abroad/OSSI).

ECOLOGY CAMP : camp for ecology and inovations

TESLA SCHOLARSHIPS : Tesla Global Forum awards successful students with scholarships.

Tesla Forum gathers together bright young people from around the world, teaching them about Tesla, and empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. We organize an annual Forum where  young talents from NGO’s, universities and other forward-thinking organisations are joined by activists, leaders, and persons who recognises strategic opportunities and catalyse positive change. At the Tesla Forum, participants learn, debate, formulate and share.

Tesla Forum 2014  is officially supported by the President of the Republic of Serbia.